07/17/2013 10:58 am ET

The Seven Women You Meet in ‘Hookup Culture' Trend Stories


Welcome to Hookup Culture University! This pseudonymized blend of the campus hookup cultures of Duke, Yale, George Washington University and the University of Pennsylvania is a totally representative hotbed of a burgeoning sexual marketplace where women exchange emotion-free sexual favors as rapidly and recklessly as high-frequency traders. To further protect the identities of the young female participants of hookup culture (the sexual revolution hasn’t gone that far), we’ve condensed them into seven stock characters. (Hookup Culture U does not admit men.)

The Woman Who Secretly Wants a Boyfriend

This reluctant participant in hookup culture — a virgin when she first arrived on campus — doesn’t like casual sex, but she’s trying to adapt. She doesn’t know how else to get guys to like her! You can tell she wants a boyfriend because she loves Taylor Swift, Twilight, and Glee and has sweetly naive romantic expectations, like being asked out to a frozen-yogurt place or not being date raped.

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