07/18/2013 03:47 pm ET Updated Jul 22, 2013

Graham Hill, TreeHugger Founder, Lives In A Mind-Blowing 420-Square Feet 'Tiny Home' (VIDEO)

We've seen a lot of tiny homes, but in this new video by TreeHugger founder Graham Hill, we see one small New York City apartment that really exudes a living large lifestyle.

His home is a prototype of spaces from LifeEdited, Inc., a company dedicated to showing people how living small can actually be a good thing. In the video above, we see Graham use just 420 square feet of space to sleep, host a dinner party for 10 and even watch a movie on a projector screen. These accommodations are thanks to nearly every inch of the place being collapsible or hidden. But our minds were completely blown when Graham pulled out one of the walls and turned it into a room divider for guests.

Sound crazy, right? Well, watch the video about to see just how amazing this is, and be sure to head over to LifeEdited, Inc. for more information. H/T Tiny House Listings.

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