07/18/2013 11:25 am ET

PBS Reality Show Spoofs 'Clam Kings,' 'Long Island Landscapers,' 'Meet The Tanners' Create Real Laughs (VIDEOS)

Reality shows just got even more ridiculous, thanks to PBS, of all networks. And we applaud the company for it!

Too bad the trailers from PBS affiliate WNET (Thirteen) in New York and ad agency CHI & Partners are just parodies. They're a hoot, and we dare say that some of us might actually watch those shows, based on the promos.

Thirteen presented them to highlight its "quality programming" and to solicit support. "The fact you thought this was a real TV show says a lot about the state of TV," the ads say as dignified string music plays.

The cheap laughs are worth a look. Enjoy the battling bronzers of "Meet The Tanners" (watch above), along with "Clam Kings" and "Long Island Landscapers" (below).

In May the spoof campaign took the form of posters on New York City subways.

Hmmm, that gets us thinking: How about a reality show based in a New York City subway train? No shortage of drama there.