07/19/2013 02:18 pm ET

Body Revolution: Comedians Talk About Their Bodies, Make Us Oh-So Happy (VIDEO)

Inspired by Lady GaGa's body revolution last fall, a group of stand-up comics got together to talk about their bodies on-camera.

Men and women of varying body shapes and sizes took the stage at an open-mic event, opening up about their body insecurities.

"My relationship with my body is war," Heather Thomson admitted.

Rye Silverman, a comedian and cross-dresser, spoke about how miserable his life was before he started dressing in women's clothes: "I spent so much of my life insecure and terrified."

"A few months ago, I was about 15 pounds lighter -- nothing changed." Marianne Sierk said. "I didn't book any more gigs, I didn't date any more great guys, I didn't get a pot of gold. I was still living, and now I'm a little bit heavier, and things are great."

Check out the full video above for brave insights on beauty norms, body acceptance and being authentic.

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