07/19/2013 02:36 pm ET

Ice Cream FAILS: Staying Cool Can Be So Hard (VIDEO)

This Sunday is National Ice Cream Day, and hopefully the end of heat wave hell wrecking the country right now. What better way to beat the scorching, oppressive temperature outside than a scoop or two of the frozen treat?

As much of a relief the cool creamy dessert can be, though, we all know snack time can quickly take a turn for the worse. Ice cream piled too high can succumb to the treacherous warmth and slide off the cone. Your once-loyal dog Skip can make you doubt the entire canine population by snatching the cookies 'n' cream right out of your hands. Or the other way around.

So in celebration of National Ice Cream Day, and hopefully a break from the heat, we've made a mashup of some of the funniest, and cutest, ice cream FAILS. Watch the video above!



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