07/19/2013 04:38 am ET Updated Jul 19, 2013

'Intervention' Series Finale Stages One Final Intervention, Checks In With Past Participants (VIDEO)

A&E's "Intervention" was a groundbreaking reality television series that told the stories of real people struggling with various forms of addiction. And while it leaves a legacy of compelling television and brutally honest stories, it has another legacy that's even more important. For the series finale -- after 13 seasons -- viewers got one more intervention, and a look back at many of the lives touched by the show.

“Me being alive today is definitely a miracle," said Phillip, who had his story told in Season 4. It was a sentiment echoed in different words by Zeinah (Season 11), Darick (Season 9), Suzon (Season 11) and more. And then there are all those people who weren't spotlighted, but still owe so much to the show.

In 243 interventions, 238 addicts went to treatment. 156 of them are sober today. It's both a startling reality about the difficulties of addiction, as well as a staggeringly positive statement on the power and impact of the series.

The AV Club actually appreciated that the show went out with a fairly "normal" episode. Eric was a heroin addict, and he accepted treatment for his addiction. They felt this low-key story was fitting for the series' low premise/high stakes hook.

Series creator Sam Mettler spoke with Vulture about what he hopes the legacy of the show will be. "I'd like people to continue to acknowledge that 'Intervention' was an important show, that moved the public discourse, that helped people," he said. "Every so often, I hear that someone watched 'Intervention' and they went to treatment the very next day. We get letters like that. So I mean, the fact is, 'Intervention' changed people's lives.”

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