07/19/2013 08:48 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Katie Couric On Marriage: 'I Would Totally Be Open To It'


It's a well-known fact around these parts, but it bears repeating: Huff/Post50 loves Katie Couric.

Down to earth, accessible and hilarious, Couric, who just wrapped the first season of her talk show "Katie," was every bit as lovely as we imagined when we met her Wednesday morning for a breakfast in New York City.

As the newest "Got Milk?" spokesperson (along with her two daughters), Couric was on hand to talk about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle (especially for older women). She also divulged some personal advice everyone can relate to, including how she deals with negativity.

"I've had a pretty healthy relationship with societal pressures and obligations," Couric said. "I [try] to be kind to myself. Women are so hard on themselves and so hard to each other. Sometimes when I feel myself starting to do that, I say to myself, 'She's doing the best she can.'"

That same attitude applies to any negative press Couric reads about herself, she said.

"I don't let it affect the way I feel about myself at all," she said. "I remember when I did a thing at the Met with Tom Brokaw, someone wrote that I had chimpmunk cheeks. I was so crushed and I obsessed about it for two days. And now I'm like whatever. When people are critical though, I always want to say, 'Can you please send me an 8x10 photo so I can analyze you?'"

Couric went on to talk about the need for a protein-packed breakfast ("Deprivation used to be so in vogue," an idea Couric definitely doesn't subscribe to); the importance of stretching and exercising, especially for older women (Couric spins and does yoga); and the increasing need for everyone to unplug from their phones.

"Sometimes my boyfriend and I play Words With Friends at night right next to each other, and we're like, 'What's wrong with this picture?'" she said with a laugh.

Speaking of her boyfriend, would Couric ever remarry?

"Maybe. I'm sort of a traditional person and I always thought I would remarry after my husband died because I had been happily married and I really enjoyed having at partner. But at this point -- at 56 -- with my daughters grow, I'm not sure. But I would totally be open to it.

"I've been independent for so long -- my husband died 16 years ago -- [and] I think when children aren't a consideration, I'm just not sure how necessary it is," she continued. "But on the other hand, I really like the idea of being in a committed relationship. You can be in a committed relationship without a paper, but I think its harder to walk away from a relationship that has the benefit of marriage."

Take a peek at Couric's "Got Milk" campaign below:




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