07/19/2013 04:01 pm ET

Laura Rodriguez, New Mexico Mom, Saves Son From Burning Home

A New Mexico mom is in critical condition after saving her 3-year-old son from their burning home.

When Laura Rodriguez’s mobile home went up in flames early Tuesday morning, the heroic mother crawled from her bedroom to the where her youngest son was sleeping, broke through the window and pushed him into the arms of a man standing outside, the Las Cruces Sun reported. She suffered severe cuts and burns, and her flesh was nearly completely torn off her arms, a neighbor told the paper.

“She's a good, good friend," Martinez Soto, a neighbor, told the Sun. "It's going to be very, very hard for her to come back, but if anyone can do it she can. She's a very strong woman."

Rodriguez’s 5-year-old son was rescued after trying unsuccessfully to save the family’s dog. Her youngest son is in serious condition at a Texas hospital where they’re being treated.

This mother’s love truly knew no bounds, as was the case when a Georgia mom’s home caught on fire two years ago.

When Ashley Brown’s third-floor apartment erupted in flames, the mom quickly ushered her two young kids to the balcony and then, at the urging of her neighbor below, dropped her 2-month-old into his arms, ABC News reported. The resourceful mother then grabbed a rope she believed her 3-year-old could cling to and helped lower her safely to the ground.

“I’m feeling blessed that my kids came through and that’s all that mattered,” Brown told the news outlet.



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