07/19/2013 03:57 pm ET

Pure Detroit Parody By Steven Crowder Brings Out All The Stereotypes, Is Infuriating (VIDEO)

Don't watch this video if you're trying to keep your blood pressure down.

In what seems to be the most offensive piece of Detroit "coverage" to come out since the city filed for bankruptcy Thursday, Fox News contributor Steven Crowder pulls out all the stops and stereotypes in a short video called "Pure Detroit."

Parodying the soothing voiceover and piano of the state tourism ads narrated by Tim Allen, the video quite blatantly calls Detroiters lazy, murdering meth users. Or wait, Detroiters are crackheads. And Detroiters are lazy ... or wait, it's that there are no jobs in Detroit? But that doesn't matter, when you can just blame it all on Obama (though the President has said he's monitoring the city's situation, he has been clear not to make any offers of aid) and the city's Democratic officials.

Though city leadership over the last decades certainly has a large share of the blame for Detroit's fiscal crisis, the video (with so much footage of Detroit's most obvious symbol of ruin, you might even call it lazy) doesn't present any real critiques of their decisions, but relies on digs like calling the city "as unlikely to change as its students are to graduate high school."

Satirizing the "Pure Michigan" vids isn't even a novel concept -- Metro Detroit's own John Kerfoot has been spoofing the Pure Michigan ads to mock the weird habits and traditions of Michiganders for several years While his videos bring the snark, they also tend to be spot-on and hilarious. He posted his own "Pure Detroit" video less than a month ago.

Stephen Crowder last made waves in Michigan when he posted a video claiming to have been attacked during December's right-to-work protests in Lansing. Questions quickly arose over whether Crowder had selectively edited the video.

Watch Steven Crowder's take on Detroit above, but if you're a Detroiter, don't say we didn't warn you -- this tasteless video is bound to infuriate locals, as well as anyone who knows even a little about the Motor City's challenges, changes and complexities.



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