07/19/2013 02:16 pm ET Updated Jul 31, 2013

Selena Janik, 3-Year-Old Girl, Recently Inducted Into Mensa

'Tis the season for extraordinarily young Mensa members.

Three-year-old Selena Janik was recently inducted into Mensa, the elite society for individuals with high intelligence scores, after scoring in the top one percent on an IQ test, according to local Tennessee outlet WBIR-TV. Selena’s parents had her IQ tested after she proved to be abnormally adept at math and reading.

"She would point to a letter and she would tell me what the letter said and then she would go to the next one and tell me what that letter said and the next one. Then she could put them all together and read the whole word," Cristy Janik, Selena’s mother, told the outlet.

The Janiks said they immediately recognized their daughter was special. Her father told WBIR that “nine seconds after she was born ... she looked up and stopped crying. That was it. I mean, I've never seen a newborn do that before."

Selena's induction into Mensa comes several weeks after the society welcomed its youngest member. Two-year-old Adam Kirby from the United Kingdom was inducted in late June after scoring 141 on an IQ test.

“While most children are just learning to stand up or crawl Adam was reading books. His development was just mind-blowingly quick,” Adam's father, Dean Kirby, told the Independent.

Prior to Adam, a string of other slightly older 2- and 3-year-olds held the “youngest Mensa member" title. However, as the Atlantic Wire notes, there is no evidence that these children will grow into anything other than normal teenagers. As an example, the outlet uses Priya Purewal, who despite joining Mensa at the age of 4 in 2000, appears to have a Tumblr filled with things like Demi Lovato and chocolate chip cookies.



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