07/19/2013 04:37 am ET Updated Jul 19, 2013

'Swamp People' Finale: Bruce's Dog Nearly Gets Chomped By An Alligator (VIDEO)

Man's best friend almost became a gator's latest meal on the season finale of "Swamp People." Bruce had walked onto land to try and untangle a gator so he could get off a clean shot. Meanwhile, his partner Ron was preoccupied with fixing their rifle. All of this meant no one was paying attention to Bruce's dog, Tyler.

The dog didn't seem too worried about the gator, as he walked dangerously close to the still very much alive beast. Once he saw the perilous position his dog was in, Bruce went into panic mode. He also went into overdrive to project his dog.

Bruce had to wrestle the alligator and shoot it with his "just-in-case" gun. This is a small, single-shot gun he carries with just one bullet. But one was all it took. It was certainly a good thing he had that gun on him, or Tyler might not have made it.

Perhaps in the future, the dog will be more cautious around creatures that can devour him without missing a beat.

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