07/20/2013 01:48 pm ET Updated Jul 22, 2013

'Godzilla' At Comic-Con With 'Gravity,' Sandra Bullock, Tom Cruise & More Warner Bros. Surprises


"Godzilla" stomped into Comic-Con on Saturday afternoon with director Gareth Edwards and stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen and Bryan Cranston in tow to offer Hall H denizens another look at the iconic monster. Last year, Warner Bros. made a splash at Comic-Con by showing early footage of "Godzilla" before any of the stars were even cast in the film. (That's likely because the star, as always, is Godzilla himself.)

Speaking with HuffPost Entertainment before the "Godzilla" panel, Edwards said that his film was influenced by the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks as well as the Thailand tsumani. "We try to make this as realistic as we can, and we try to take it seriously," Edwards said.

"Godzilla," set for release on May 16, 2014, wasn't the only Warner Bros. film or Legendary Pictures production to feature during the panel, as Alfonso Cuaron's "Gravity," "The Seventh Son," "The LEGO Movie" and "Edge of Tomorrow" were also brought to San Diego. To support "Edge of Tomorrow," star Tom Cruise made a surprise appearance in Hall H, marking his first time at Comic-Con. Cruise celebrated by singing a few bars of "I Want To Know What Love Is," in a nod to his "Rock of Ages" character Stacee Jaxx; as it turned out, Warner Bros. panel moderator Chris Hardwick played Jaxx in a Los Angeles production of the musical, hence the reference. "Gravity" star Sandra Bullock came out to greet fans as well, but did not sing. (Video of Cruise's impromptu performance is below.)

Despite the starpower in Hall H, the big news was about fictional heroes. At the end of the pane, Warner Bros. announced that the "Man of Steel" sequel would be a team-up of Superman and Batman. "Man of Steel" star Henry Cavill would play Superman again, but no actor has been cast as Batman.

For a recap on the Warner Bros. panel, check out the liveblog below.

Additional reporting by Mike Ryan.

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07/20/2013 4:45 PM EDT

That's All, Folks

More on the "Man of Steel" sequel with Superman and Batman teaming up can be found here.

07/20/2013 4:29 PM EDT

The Full Statement On Batman/Superman

"I want you to remember my hand at your throat. I want you to remember the man who beat you."

07/20/2013 4:28 PM EDT


Warner Bros. unveils a Superman logo with the Batman logo behind it.

07/20/2013 4:27 PM EDT


Harry Lennix is now on stage (he co-starred in "Man of Steel") to read something ...

07/20/2013 4:25 PM EDT

Supes On!

"It's official: We're going to make another Superman movie."

07/20/2013 4:24 PM EDT

Wait, That's Superman's Music

Zack Snyder just walked onto the Hall H dais.

07/20/2013 4:21 PM EDT

That's The End Of 'Edge Of Tomorrow'

... will Warner Bros. announce the Superman/Batman movie?

07/20/2013 4:18 PM EDT

We Would See This Movie

07/20/2013 4:16 PM EDT

Audience Questions For Tom Cruise

Things that were actually said: "My question is for Maverick."

07/20/2013 4:11 PM EDT

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