07/21/2013 01:00 pm ET Updated Jul 21, 2013

'Supernatural' At Comic-Con: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki And Misha Collins Talk Season 9

The CW

The cast and executive producers of "Supernatural" were on hand at San Diego Comic Con to preview Season 9 of the hit CW show on Sunday morning.

Stars Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins and Mark Sheppard, along with executive producers Robert Singer and Jeremy Carver, were on hand to present footage and answer fan questions from the at-capacity Hall H.

Check out the Comic-Con sizzle reel (sadly without the preview of Season 9) below, then read our liveblog for all the scoop from the panel.

07/21/2013 2:01 PM EDT

Lots of hugs, declarations of love, falling down, strange accents. You'll love it. Thanks for following along!

07/21/2013 1:58 PM EDT

That's a wrap from the panel, now they're rolling the gag reel.

07/21/2013 1:57 PM EDT

Why is Crowley the only demon who can teleport

Bob: He's the king. We gave Crowley that particular skill because he'd worked his way so far up the demon ladder, that's one of the perks you get when you're the boss.

Jared: It's like when Voldemort learned to fly!

Jensen: Really?

07/21/2013 1:55 PM EDT

No plans to bring the Antichrist character, Jesse, back any time soon, but Jeremy says fun/interesting characters never stay gone forever.

07/21/2013 1:54 PM EDT

How they feel about playing different versions of the characters?

Jensen: Dean tends to stay Dean no matter where he is or what situation he's in -- he's just angry. Back in "The French Mistake," the one and only time we've been brought into a conceptualized meeting, they wanted to know how we felt about using ourselves. I said "as long as Dean never deviates from Dean, you can put us anywhere you want." Jared deals with that with Sam a lot more, the altering of the character, he does a really good job of it. I'm kind of fortunate that I stay the course.

Jared: It's really difficult, but it's really fun. My favorite was from "French Mistake" where it was Jared and Jensen playing Sam and Dean playing Jared and Jensen playing Sam and Dean. Who gets to do that? But as far as soulless Sam and Lucifer Sam, they're all great ... that's awesome, otherwise it would be the same thing over and over.

Misha: I think that's why we're up here nine seasons later ... you guys as writers are constantly taking risks and changing things up and that's an amazing achievement ... It's what keeps it interesting to watch and to be on. It makes it fun to come to work.

07/21/2013 1:50 PM EDT

Where did Jared pull Sam's angst from in the season finale?

Jared: It really took over me for some reason. Jensen was like "Chill out." All of the angst came from having to be on set with Sheppard ... No, he did an amazing job ... To have the material, and then another actor who was doing an amazing fricking job. I don't know where it came from, but I think the material brings it out. Jensen and I have worked together like that for years.

07/21/2013 1:44 PM EDT

Fan asks if anyone aside from Jensen thought about directing?

Jensen: I'll just shut up.

Jared: I've thought about it, I don't think it's right for me to do currently. Maybe in a couple of seasons... Our breaks always seem so short that I really try to make the most of every second I have with my family. Between visiting family, now we've got a little kiddo, inevitably, I fly back to Vancouver at the last minute -- I'm not yet willing to give up the extra two weeks.

Misha: I also have two small children who keep me up at night ... I'm looking forward to spending some time away from them directing and getting some sleep. I'd like to thank Jeremy and Bob for the opportunity and apologize in advance for the product.

Felicia: I thought you were going to ask what Jensen smells like, because so many people ask me that ... coriander and leather.

07/21/2013 1:40 PM EDT

Will we find out where angels or demons go when they die?

Misha: They go to Comic-Con.

Bob: That's a very good question. My wife who's a writer on the show asked me that question the other day.

Jeremy: It's something we could answer -- a place that's ripe for storytelling, so yes, hopefully.

07/21/2013 1:39 PM EDT

Will Cas learn to drive the Impala?

Jensen: No.

Misha: He's kidding, of course he will.

Jensen: No.

Misha: It'll happen.

Jensen: No.

Bob: Jensen's very proprietary over the car.

Jensen: I don't even like it when the teamsters drive it to set.

07/21/2013 1:37 PM EDT

What keeps Sam going?

Jared: Sam tries to fight the good fight and do what he thinks is right. We play with this "road to hell is paved with good intentions" quote. Sometimes he errs, but that's the beauty of it ... These guys aren't defined by their interests, they're just trying to live ... Sam's just trying to do what he thinks is right, I think he's accepted that his life's not going to be normal, finally, so he's trying to make the world a better place.