07/22/2013 10:54 am ET

Glenn Beck Mocks Geraldo Rivera: 'Check Out My Bathroom Towel Pic' (PHOTO)

Getty Images

Glenn Beck wanted to get in on all the chatter surrounding Geraldo Rivera's nearly-naked selfie, apparently.

Rivera created a stir over the weekend when for some reason, he decided to share a shirtless photo of himself, with the note, "70 is the new 50." Beck mocked the Fox News host by tweeting a selfie of his own on Monday:

The host was fully clothed in several layers, including a jacket, scarf, hat and a towel. Beck posed in front of a bathroom mirror and maybe even more ridiculously, took the photo with an iPad. He also weighed in on Rivera's message, writing:

Beck was, of course, definitely not the only person mocking Rivera over his selfie.

"That does not show the whole thing--the depth of despair," Tamron Hall said of a cropped version of the picture on Monday's "Today."



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