07/22/2013 01:22 pm ET Updated Jul 22, 2013

Has Kate Middleton Given Birth? How Her Family Is Spending The Great Kate Wait (PHOTOS)

As royal baby-crazed as we may be, we admit there are a few others who are probably a bit more anxious than we are: Kate Middleton's family. The royals and the Middletons must be beyond excited to meet wee baby Cambridge. So, how's the gang waiting out her labor?

Prince William is said to be at Kate's side, as he reportedly accompanied the duchess to the hospital when she went into labor early this morning. The couple snuck into St Mary's through a side entrance.

Queen Elizabeth has recently returned to Buckingham Palace after spending the weekend in Windsor.

Carole and Pippa Middleton were rumored to be joining Kate at the hospital, the Daily Mail reports, but we have yet to hear confirmation of their arrival. Meanwhile, Kate's Uncle Gary is concerned about the weather:

Prince Harry is waiting for news from his military base:

And Prince Charles and Camilla are in Yorkshire, where Charles says he knows "absolutely nothing yet."

It's all so exciting! Stay tuned to our liveblog for real-time updates on Kate's condition, the whereabouts of her family and much more.

UPDATE: Buckingham Palace confirmed to NBC news that Carole and Pippa have no plans to wait with Kate in the delivery room.

Perhaps a rousing polo match will take your mind off the anxiety:

Prince Harry: A Life In Polo

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