07/22/2013 10:34 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Latest Royal Baby News Has Us Comparing Princess Diana's Labor To Kate Middleton's (PHOTOS)

As the whole world waits for the arrival of the royal baby, it's only inevitable that we feverish fans draw comparisons between the press frenzy surrounding Kate Middleton's hospital stay and Princess Diana's.

Prince William was born in 1982 and, to be honest, the crowd crush didn't look all that different. Except that there was bigger hair.

In 1982:

princess diana st marys


st marys today

Not pictured: everyone at home, watching liveblogs and frantically refreshing Twitter.

Yet the 2013 crowd is reportedly far larger:

As you may have heard, photographers have been waiting outside St Mary's Hospital since July 1 -- that's 22 days. [Ed: Have they been going bonkers? Yes.] At last, they have something to do: wait a little longer for an announcement. And tweet like mad.

While we anticipate more official information, revisit Prince William's birth announcement. (This year's will probably be printed in color, if printed at all.)


Charles and Diana announced William's name four days after his birth, and they announced Harry's name upon leaving the hospital. We wonder when we will find out the name of the new royal arrival... Stay tuned to our liveblog for updates on all things royal baby!

Au revoir, maternity style:

Kate vs Diana's Maternity Style

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