07/22/2013 07:26 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Morolake Odeleye, NYU Graduate, And Her Trick For Taming Curly Hair

Humidity plus curls equals frizz (and a whole lot of frustration). However, we ran into a New York University graduate with a solution to this summer hair problem.

"I just use sulfate-free shampoo and Kinky-Curly Leave-In Conditioner. Then I braid my hair every night to keep it tame," said Morolake Odeleye.

This curly-haired cutie also beats the heat by skipping heavy makeup and sticking to good skincare habits, including washing her face once a day, using a hydrating moisturizer and considering what she eats.

Odeleye explained, "I've been making smoothies to clear my skin up. Bananas are a must... and then anything else I want to throw in."

taming curly hair

Photo/Art: Raydene Salinas

Beauty Street Style: Morolake Odeleye

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