07/22/2013 05:19 pm ET

'Third Metric' At The Aspen Ideas Festival: How Global Leaders Recharge (VIDEO)

Technology has become a part of nearly every aspect of our lives, meaning less and less of our time is spent away from screens -- most Americans even stay connected to the office while they're on vacation, according to a recent poll. But a 24/7 work life and constant connectivity can take a significant toll on our physical and mental health.

Even the busiest executives need to take breaks from work (and occasionally get away from their gadgets) in order to maintain positive well-being and prevent burnout. Excessive use of technology has been associated with a number of negative health outcomes, including poor sleep quality and decreased focus.

Earlier this month at the Aspen Ideas Festival, business and thought leaders came together to redefine success beyond money and power (and stress and burnout), and HuffPost Live was there to speak with them about how they make time to rest and recharge.

Watch the video above to hear how some of the global leaders at Aspen renew themselves, and head over to our Unplug and Recharge page for more digital detox inspiration.

This video is part of a series of interviews with speakers, attendees and panelists at The Aspen Ideas Festival, produced by The Huffington Post in conjunction with The Aspen Institute. For more videos from the series, click here. For more information about The Aspen Institute, click here.

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