07/23/2013 04:06 pm ET

Celebrities On Psychiatric Hold: A Brief History


Amanda Bynes was allegedly placed on psychiatric hold after building a little campfire in a residential driveway Monday night, and that got us wondering -- how many stars have been taken into custody under California's code 5150? Below, a recent history of alleged celebrity hospitalization.

Britney Spears: January 2008
The same night Spears was rumored to have attempted suicide, she was seen "driving around her neighborhood like a madwoman." People reports she was transported to UCLA for the emergency hold.

Mischa Barton : July 2009
Authorities arrived at Barton's house following a "non-911" call, to assist the "O.C." actress with a medical issue. According to the Daily Mail, Barton later attributed the incident to her wisdom teeth removal: "I am terrified of needles."

David Hasselhoff : November 2009
The "Baywatch" star was allegedly placed on 5150 after drinking a "large amount of alcohol," but Hoff and his lawyers were quick to dispute the claims.

Lindsay Lohan: May 2010
LAPD cops told TMZ they considered hospitalizing Lohan under 5150. After expressing concern for her "erratic behavior," they decided she was, in fact, capable of caring for herself ("though feebly").

Nick Stahl: June 2013
"Terminator 3" actor Nick Stahl was placed on psychiatric hold after a friend transported him to the hospital around 3 a.m. TMZ reported it was "unclear why," but mentioned Stahl's troubled history with drugs and alcohol.

Bonus! Selena Gomez's Stalker: November 2011
Thomas Brodnicki was determined to be a danger to himself and others -- specifically Selena Gomez. The tiny pop star's stalker claimed he "had discussions with God about killing Gomez," before being taken into custody.



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