07/23/2013 04:34 pm ET Updated Jul 29, 2013

Holli McCann, 11, Kicked Off Field Trip For Eating Chocolate


This school means business when it comes to outlawing chocolate.

British 11-year-old Holli McCann was reportedly booted from a weeklong school trip after she was caught eating chocolate bars, according to British outlet The Watford Observer. Bromet Primary School authorities found out that she had eaten the sweets after reading a sealed letter she had intended to send to her mother.

Upon reading the letter, school authorities searched her luggage and room, reports the outlet. When they found chocolate, they called McCann’s mother and presented her with two options: Either she could come pick up her daughter immediately, or her daughter her could stay on the trip while being prohibited from participating in any activities.

McCann’s mother, Kerri, chose the former option. She drove 160 miles and took two ferries to pick up her daughter from the Isle of Wight, reports South West News Service. After the unemployed, single mother had saved up for six months to allow her daughter to go on the trip, she had to borrow more money from family in order to make the trip to pick up Holli.

“I begged the head to punish Holli back at school with a detention or something, but she said if she did that it would set a precedent,” Kerri McCann told the South West News Service.

However, the school maintains that Holli’s behavior defied a charter she had signed prior to the trip, which said that students would be sent home for infractions, according to the outlet. Holli had also allegedly been misbehaving on the trip the day before the chocolate incident.

Kerri McCann, who has withdrawn her daughter from the school, is not pleased with the way the situation was handled.

"This was a search for chocolate but was carried out in such a manner you would have thought they were running an international drug smuggling operation from their hotel room," Kerri McCann told The Watford Observer.

The story highlights the heightened sensitivities that occur when students attend field trips. Last month a group of 100 students from an Orthodox Jewish school in New York were kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight for allegedly rowdy behavior. Of the incident, Rabbi Seth Linfield, executive director for the school, said he did not think the “action taken by the flight crew was justified," according to The Associated Press.

CLARIFICATION: Language has been added regarding McCann's alleged misbehavior on the trip.



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