07/23/2013 04:18 am ET Updated Jul 23, 2013

'Mistresses': Harry Gives Savi A Nearly Impossible Ultimatum (VIDEO)

Harry finally opened up about where he really was with Savi and her pregnancy on "Mistresses." He had her under the impression that things were improving, but he was still torn up inside. Then, he realized there were only two scenarios that could play out and be acceptable for him, and they both had to do with the paternity of her baby.

“Obviously we’ll wait for the paternity results, but when they come and the baby isn’t mine, then you have a choice to make," he told her. "Me or the baby.” Harry said that if the baby was his, then he could move on with her and continue their lives. But if it wasn't his, there was no way he could stay with her if she kept it.

TVLine's Michael Slezak was shocked, saying that "[Harry’s] about to go and make things so complicated ... by dropping this bombshell: He’s been able to visualize their marriage surviving Savi’s one-time-only infidelity — except in the event that the bun in her oven isn’t one of his recipes, if you catch my drift. … that ultimatum is Rated W…for Whoa, Dude!”

Even Alyssa Milano was moved by her scenes with her on-screen husband. She called them "pretty heavy" on Twitter.

When will we find out the father of her baby? "Mistresses" continues to tease us, Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC, but we don't know how much longer we can take it!

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