07/23/2013 04:21 am ET

'Supermarket Superstar' Premiere: Entrepreneurs Compete To Get On Grocery Store Shelves (VIDEO)

"Supermarket Superstar" could be described as a strange cross between "Shark Tank" and "Cupcake Wars," with the lovely Stacy Kiebler around to look pretty. She's also the host of this show, pitting various entrepreneurs against one another who all want to get their wares into the nation's grocery stores.

Each week, three culinary entrepreneurs pitch their concepts to a panel of judges who know a thing or two about grocery store success -- one of them is Mrs. Fields of Mrs Fields Cookies. They get feedback from the judges, retool their concepts and then present them to a grocery store executive. In this case, it was Tom and he couldn't have made the stakes sound any higher.

“You say your product’s for kids, but you couldn’t have picked a less popular flavor," he told one contestant, Melissa. Later, though, he told her, "You clearly have a brand. Please stick with it. I can honestly say that there are millions of kids that are counting on you.”

There are kids counting on her at-home cookie cupcake craft kits? Apparently, there are millions of them counting on her to get the flavor right!

David Hinckley of The New York Daily News wasn't sold on the new show, giving the premiere only two out of five stars. Zap2It's Andrea Reiher agreed. “It was combining the worst of a cooking show with the worst of a retail show," she wrote. "There was just no oomph there.”

Was there enough "oomph" for you to return for another round of "Supermarket Superstar"? Catch it on Monday nights at 10 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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