07/24/2013 09:04 am ET

Watermelon Cake: Culinary Genius Or Culinary Laziness?

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Pinterest has brought us some of the most inventive and creative projects we have ever seen, especially when it comes to food. But once in a while we stumble upon something that seems a little too creative, such as the watermelon cake.

Suddenly all over Pinterest's "Food & Drink" section, this is not what it may sound like -- it's not a watermelon-flavored or watermelon-shaped cake, it is an actual cake made out of the inside of a watermelon.

Our first thought was: WHY? We can think of about 100 reasons off the top of our heads why real cake would be better than this impersonator. Think of the disappointment at cutting into a cake and realizing the inside isn't cake at all, but watermelon. Wouldn't the water part of watermelon make the toppings a weird consistency? We know whipped cream goes well with berries, but wouldn't it taste weird with watermelon?

And ultimately: Is this just a product of culinary laziness?

Upon a bit of digging, we realized that, in short, our answer was "not really." What appears to be the original recipe for this faux-cake is from a blog on Paleo cooking, which would somewhat explain the need for an alternative to regular cake.

However, this recipe is not just popular with the Paleo dieters -- it has racked up over 111k pins, 20k Facebook likes, and 1.6k Google +1s to date. Even other bloggers have gotten in on it.

Were we the only ones who thought it seemed like such a cheap trick, making people think it was cake and then just giving them watermelon?! We admit it does have a few things up on normal cakes, such as being healthier (duh), better for summer, and quicker to prepare, but we're still not sold... we really, really like real cake.

What do you guys think of this quickly spreading recipe trend? Would you opt for a watermelon cake over the old-fashioned kind? Use it for a totally different type of occasion? Let us know below and in the comments.

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