07/24/2013 04:01 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

13 Reasons Why Austin Mahone And Justin Bieber Are Long-Lost Twins


Last week, we hung out with the super cute Austin Mahone, and he told us the reasons why he is NOT the next Bieber.

Though we definitely agree that their music is super different, we still can't help comparing the two pop stars. Turns out, Austin and JB have lot more awesome similarities than you may think. Don't believe us? See below.

1. They're both swaggy dancers

2. Whose hobbies include taking off their shirts

3. Bowling

4. And sticking out their tongues.

5. They've got flirting down to an art

6. (Just LOOK at those smiles!)

7. They were both raised by awesome, single moms

8. And let's face it, have exactly the same fashion sense

9. They play the same instrument

10. Are the most adorable nappers EVER

11. Totally rock award shows

12. And have crazy fans with cool names. (Hey, Mahomies and Beliebers!)

13. Most importantly, though, JB and AM both love you. Awwww.

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