07/24/2013 10:42 am ET Updated Sep 23, 2013

BBC Responds To Royal Baby Coverage Haters, Hits Record Website Traffic


Though the media frenzy seems to be tapering off, some viewers are still dissatisfied about the days of news coverage saturated with royal baby coverage.

The BBC responded on to complaints it received from viewers who felt that the broadcaster covered the royal baby's birth far too extensively. Audience members were not the only one reaching their limit with the nonstop coverage -- even BBC reporter Simon McCoy mocked the coverage, saying that he had "no news but that won't stop [the BBC]." He also read viewer complaints on air that were particularly harsh.

The BBC addressed these concerns on its website and defended its coverage. It also boasted that the coverage set traffic records for its website:

We received complaints from some viewers who feel there has been too much coverage of the royal baby story and also from some who feel that the coverage has been biased in favour of the monarchy.

Over the past few days the birth of the royal baby has been a lead story for BBC News, but our editors have taken care that other stories have been covered too.


We know from our audience figures that our coverage of the royal baby has been extremely popular - Monday was the biggest global day and second biggest UK day ever for BBC News online with 19.4m unique browsers globally and 10.8m from the UK. We are satisfied that our audiences had both the best coverage of a major historical event - the birth of a new heir to the throne - as well as options to view other news across BBC output as a whole.

Click over to the BBC to read its response in its entirety.

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