07/24/2013 11:57 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Dreamweaver Nest Is The Coolest Backyard Feature Ever (PHOTO)

And now for one of the coolest backyard features you'll ever see: the Dreamweaver Nest.

Submitted by one of our fabulous readers, this human "nest" comes from the mind of designer Carrie May, who created it to help people get a true nature experience when they're outside. "I've seen some manufactured hanging furniture pieces, which don't have the natural wild feel that I love, so I was inspired to create my own hanging hideaway," she told The Huffington Post.


The structures are primarily constructed from willow and grape vine, which cover a steel frame that can be hung from a tree in your backyard. We have to admit, just looking at this thing makes us feel relaxed. We can only imagine what it's like once you're inside. May told us she feels like she's one with nature. "I've noticed that birds and animals are blinded to my presence and walk right up to or land on top of a nest," she said. "It feels like you are part of the forest."

Be sure to head over to Dreamweaver Nests for more information.

This is far from the most unusual dwelling we've seen. Check out this cave home below.

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