07/24/2013 09:55 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Glenn Beck Mocks Melissa Harris-Perry With Condom Gloves (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck mocked Melissa Harris-Perry on Monday after the MSNBC host donned tampon earrings on her weekend show.

Harris-Perry wore tampon earrings on her Sunday show to protest the Texas state capitol for temporarily banning the product during the debate and vote on the state's controversial anti-abortion bill earlier this month.

Beck said that Harris-Perry's earrings looked more like marshmallows at first. Beck's co-hosts said Harris-Perry looked like an "idiot." The segment took an even more disturbing turn when Beck placed condoms on his hands, which were already covered in rubber gloves. He also taped a birth control pill to his nose.

"Melissa, you don't look like an idiot—nor do I," Beck said, his tone dripping with mockery. "And Melissa, you look as credible as I do." He added, "You're wearing tampon earrings, darling. And I say that darling part with all the love and respect that darlings like you deserve."

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