07/24/2013 05:51 pm ET Updated Jul 24, 2013

Isabelle Busath And Isabella Thordsen Will Have 'Little Book Of Rules' Lost At Walmart Published (VIDEO)

Losing a book of life rules they had been writing together turns out to have been the luckiest thing to happen in 10-year-old Isabelle Busath and 8-year-old Isabella Thordsen's lives.

When Raymond Flores found it in the parking lot of the Walmart in Citrus Heights, Calif., he had no idea who the mysterious volume belonged to -- but with the help of local news station Fox 40, he identified the young cousins and returned their adorable list.

At the time, Fox 40 mentioned a possible publishing deal -- and now, it seems that dream has become a reality. While we've seen sweet glimpses of the rules already, everyone will be able to read a fuller version this October, when Simon & Schuster publishes the list as Isabelle & Isabella's Little Book of Rules, illustrated by Priscilla Burris.

The original book had 157 rules, which ranged from the mundane ("do your chores") to the more colorful ("don't bite the dentist"), but the new version will reportedly include around 200. The authors apparently started the book with their younger siblings in mind.

In an interview with Publishers Weekly in May, the book's editor, Lisa Rao, explained that the published version would show the girls' handwritten versions of the rules, and said keeping the girls' spelling mistakes made the finished version "even more sincere."

“One of the rules is something like, ‘If you want something, don’t wine.’ Who would want to take that out?”

Rao also explained that she was interested in publishing the book even before she knew who had written it. (Read her full interview with Publishers Weekly here.) For her part, Isabelle's mother told Fox 40 that she and Isabella's mom thought the publisher had "a personal connection with the girls."

Admiring the design of the book in an interview with The Modesto Bee, Isabelle said, "I think it's cool how it's the cartoon version of us on the front and a picture of our real selves in the back."

Of course, you can't have everything. Isabelle admitted to Fox 40: “If I knew that it was going to get published, I would have probably wrote a little neater."

We hope the girls' example serves as inspiration to the many talented young scribes out there: write something original enough, and you might see it on bookstore shelves before long.



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