07/24/2013 10:57 am ET

"It's Her Job To Look Good."


This afternoon, I posted a Facebook status about how amazing, insane, and impressive it is to appear before the entire world fully made-up, in heels, and in a dress in public just 24 hours after delivering a baby. In response, my mom wrote "It's her job to look good."

That gave me major pause. Is it her job to look good? And what is good?

This is an argument that I hear (and have made!) all the time about actresses and models. The whole idea that "I could look like that too if I had a personal chef, trainer, and time to work out!" is totally valid, and true. That's why hearing people like Gwyneth Paltrow claim it's so easy to maintain a size 2 and eat nothing but skinless chicken breast is so maddening. It's not easy for most working people on limited budgets. And actresses and models, whether it's right or wrong, do make a living conforming to conventional beauty ideals—staying thin, wearing makeup, looking youthful, staying on trend. Thus, it makes sense and is important to their careers to invest time and money in this, just like we desk jockeys invest 8 hours a day looking at spreadsheets or whatever we do.

But is this relevant to Kate Middleton?

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