07/24/2013 07:56 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

#MillennialProblems: 7 Issues Boomers Didn't Deal With


Although the onset of the tech age has made life so much more convenient, new technology has also created a host of first world problems that todays' parents never dealt with growing up. Here are seven #MillennialProblems:

1. Cracked iPhone screens

We've all been there -- or at least know multiple people who have dropped their iPhones and subsequently gasped in horror as their precious screens became shards of glass.

2. Helicopter parents

Unlike most post 50s, millennials grew up with moms and dads who keep extremely watchful eyes on their social lives, academic performance, athletic prowess, diets and just about everything else. Now, parents can continue to "helicopter" even when their kids go away to college through social media sites and apps like Facebook and Instagram. Though research has found this kind of coddling does more harm than good -- helicopter parents can make their college-aged kids depressed.

3. Slow Wi-Ffi

"Ugh. This is taking forever to load" is an expression millennials use all too often. Nothing irritates the average millennial more than the spinning wheel at the top of a web browser and a frozen page.

4. The burning temptation to text over dinner

When phones vibrate, millennials must check on the source of said disruption immediately. Todays' parents just don't understand their adult children's addictions to mobile devices.

5. Broken printers

Although "a broken printer" is the millennial version of the excuse that "the dog ate my homework," printers really do break down... often! Between refilling the ink cartridges and connecting the printer to the computer, something always seems to go terribly haywire for millennials -- especially when it's time to turn in a paper.

6. Too many modes of communication

Millennials can text, call, Facebook message, e-mail or even AOL instant message... you name it. Gen Y has so many modes of communication that the character Marnie Michaels of the zeitgeist-y millennial-centric show "Girls" even established a "totem pole of chat." "'The lowest, that would be Facebook, followed by G-chat, then texting, then e-mail, then phone," she explains to Lena Dunham's character, Hannah Horvath.

7. A recession

Unlike boomer parents, millennials graduate from college with a mountain of debt and dubious job prospects. But, hey... they still manage to have a good time.



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