07/24/2013 06:20 pm ET

Morgan Rose Accuses Bob Filner Of Sexual Harassment

A third woman is publicly accusing San Diego Mayor Bob Filner of sexual harrassment, KPBS reported Wednesday.

Morgan Rose, a psychologist for the San Diego Unified School District, told KPBS that she first met Filner in January, while he was a Democratic U.S. congressman. Rose met with Filner to discuss American Angel's Campaign, a parenting initiative she founded. After meeting with Rose and her team, Filner requested a private meeting with the psychologist.

According to Rose, the two met at a restaurant in San Diego, where the then-congressman said he had brought her campaign to First Lady Michelle Obama's attention.

KPBS reports:

Rose’s initial excitement turned to confusion when she says Congressman Filner started staring at her. He then allegedly said, “your eyes have bewitched me.”

Rose states that Congressman Filner stood up, walked over to her side and sat down next to her and wanted to kiss her.

“He tried to move my face towards his to kiss me on the mouth,” Rose said. She turned away from him and remembers negotiating for him to stop.

According to Rose, Filner attempted to kiss her four times.

Rose is the third woman to come forward with allegations against Filner. On Tuesday, political consultant Laura Fink said the mayor had patted her "posterior" during a fundraiser. And on Monday, Filner's former communications director Irene McCormack Jackson filed a lawsuit against her old boss, accusing Filner of asking her to "get naked" and kiss him.

"The past six months turned out to be the worst time of my entire working life," McCormack Jackson said in a news conference. "I had to work and do my job in an atmosphere where women were viewed by Mayor Filner as sexual objects or stupid idiots. I saw him place his hands where they did not belong on numerous women."

Filner has denied the claims, insisting that he will not step down as mayor.

"I am saddened by the charges that were leveled against me today," Filner said in a Monday statement. "Once due process is allowed to unfold, I am certain there will be a better understanding of this situation."



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