07/24/2013 10:39 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

6 Reasons Pippa Middleton Will Be The Royal Baby's Best Aunt

Wee baby Cambridge is the luckiest boy around. Should you need a reminder: the royal baby is a PRINCE, he's loaded, he's got gorgeous parents and adorable grandparents... and the coolest auntie in Europe.

We can totally tell that Pippa Middleton, Kate's little sis, is going to be an amazing ally for the royal baby. While some thought the Pipster might have been a lousy bridesmaid, we think she'll be a total ace at auntdom. Behold, all the things Pippa can help the royal baby with when he simply can't turn to his parents:

1. All of baby Cambridge's schoolmates are going to have crushes on her.

Remember when her bum stole the spotlight on Kate's wedding day?

2. She can teach him how to hide a hangover behind sunglasses (when he's of age, of course).


"What 'drunk face'?"

3. She's a party planner, so she can help him to throw righteous ragers.


And join in the revelry.

4. As a Vanity Fair-endorsed tennis spectator, she'll totally cheer him on at sporting events.


5. She gives good advice from her treasure trove full of "Pippa Tips."

We never thought of that one before!

6. She can whip up yummy meals with the help of her cookbook.


(And teach him not to write a cookbook of his own.)

Any more we missed? Tell us in the comments!

Look how much the royal baby has to learn:

Royals Just Want To Have Fun

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