07/24/2013 08:13 am ET Updated Jul 24, 2013

Rachel Maddow On Anthony Weiner: 'Why Would Anyone Ever Believe Him Ever Again' (VIDEO)

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Rachel Maddow tore into New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner on her Tuesday night show for new revelations that the former congressman continued sending sexually explicit messages to women on the Internet even after his resignation and redemptive interview with People magazine.

Maddow showed a clip of Weiner, who re-emerged on the political scene earlier this year, describing how he had been working on "two big jobs" since his congressional resignation: being a better husband to his wife, Huma Abedin, and being a good father to his newborn son.

"You sure those are your two big jobs right now? You sure that's what you're doing?" Maddow asked. "Anthony Weiner conveniently leaving out the other big thing he was up to in that same time period. The other thing he was forced to confront with his wife by his side, earlier tonight."

Maddow then played a clip of Weiner at his Tuesday afternoon press conference, saying that he still sent sexually explicit messages even after the big, sunny spread in People magazine. The MSNBC host shook her head and said:

"'Yes, it was after all that. After the redemption narrative said this was all over and I should be given a second chance, I was still doing it—for a long time.' That right there is the thing that could be the big problem for Anthony Weiner going forward ... His public statement still did not match what we know he was doing in private. Why would anyone ever believe him ever again?"



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