07/24/2013 03:08 pm ET Updated Jul 24, 2013

Rog And Bee Walker For StyleLikeU: Couple Shares Sweet And Stylish Love Story (VIDEO)

When your first date consists of going to see the documentary "Bill Cunningham New York," eating pizza and literally cartwheeling through the streets of New York City, it's almost certain that you'll live happily ever after. Right?

That's what Rog and Bee Walker are betting on and after getting a glimpse into their sweet romance via's perpetually dope profiles, we have no doubt they will.

The New York-based photographers, who just celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary, work closely together, which Bee says is their greatest challenge but will also be their greatest victory.

"You're never going to find the fulfillment that exists in just finding something and digging in your roots deep down into it and it's the same thing in relationships. There's a fullness in that single path," Rog told StylelikeU.

Visual Insights: Outer Borough is one of the couple's major successes together -- a self-shot, self-conceptualized, self-designed, self-printed and self-bound book filled with photographs that Rog and Bee captured over the course of two years in NYC's stunning outskirts.

Lest you believe that working together would kill their romance, The Walkers' thoughts on intimacy and the sanctity of marriage are mind-blowing and inspiring.

"The sexual experience has been demoted to an act of thrill. Intimacy goes well beyond thrill," Rog says. "There’s a thrill in it, because we have fun. But it’s a committed thrill, not an empty one.”

And if you can pull yourself away from their sweet declarations and gems of wisdom, you'll find their personal styles are quite captivating as well.

Rog adheres to a simple yet eye-catching uniform -- Button-down shirt, skinny trousers, colorful socks and a fedora -- while Bee, who once lived in a monastery for eight months, has an ethereal yet edgy vibe. They even take sartorial cues from each other like layering their socks and rocking worn-in loafers.

Check out the video above and get ready to fall in love. And don't forget to head over to StyleLikeU to read/hear/see more about The Walkers.



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