07/24/2013 02:36 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Teacher Loses Job Following 'Princesses: Long Island' Appearance (REPORT)


A teacher reportedly lost his job after appearing on "Princesses: Long Island."

Stefan Serie was a health teacher at Merrick Avenue Middle School in Long Island before his appearance on the Bravo reality series caught the attention of school officials. Serie was in the "Princesses: Long Island" premiere episode and appeared shirtless and partying. According to the New York Daily News, a week after the episode aired, Serie was asked to report to a school district office. There, he said administrators informed him his tenure offer was being taken back and pressed him to resign.

"It was a coerced resignation," Serie said. "I want my job and tenure back. I think I deserve it."

Serie told the Daily News that he was approached by a producer friend, who introduced him to Ashlee White, a cast member on "Princesses: Long Island." Then, he was invited to the party. Serie is hoping to get his job back and is said to have support of parents of former pupils.

Recently, reality TV appearances have been costing participants their jobs. Jennifer Crisafulli lost her job after appearing on "The Apprentice" and recently, contestants on "Big Brother" who have come under fire for using a variety of hate speech have either lost their jobs or seen their employers distance themselves from them.

See Serie on "Princesses: Long Island" below.



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