07/25/2013 09:43 am ET Updated Jul 25, 2013

Amanda Bynes' Parents Seek Conservatorship As Troubled Actress Remains Detained

Following Amanda Bynes' latest inexplicable behavior, her parents reportedly plan to seek a court-ordered conservatorship.

It all started Monday night, when Bynes -- who's been a source for concern for some time -- lit a campfire in a residential driveway in Thousand Oaks, Calif. In surveillance footage from a liquor store obtained by TMZ, Bynes is seen just moments after the incident wearing her disheveled blond wig and holding her dog, which corroborates eyewitness testimony that the dog was reportedly soaked in gasoline. According to the store clerk, Bynes rushed to a restricted area sink to get her pup cleaned up.

Lynn and Rick, Bynes' parents, will now ask a judge to put the 27-year-old in a conservatorship because they believe she is unable to care for herself and could be a danger to others, reports TMZ.

If obtained, conservatorship will give them control over their daughter's financial and personal affairs, adds E! News. They are already in charge of Bynes' pet Pomeranian now that Bynes is on lockdown (it is unclear whether the pooch suffered injuries in the gasoline incident), despite not being in touch with their daughter for some time:

Conservatorships are among the most drastic court proceedings around, explains Forbes. People in these situations lose the right to make even the most basic decisions for themselves (such as marriage, doctor visits, spending money, etc.) If you recall, this was the case in 2008 with Britney Spears, whose parents sought conservatorship after her 5150 hold, notes Oregon Live.

Yesterday it was reported that Bynes' involuntary hospitalization could be extended beyond the initial 72 hours and the troubled actress could remain in a mental health facility for up to two weeks. The woman whose driveway Bynes allegedly set on fire also expressed her desire to see the former child star get help.



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