07/25/2013 11:32 am ET

Andrea Sneiderman Murder Charges May Be Dropped Before Trial: Report


Days before the trial of a woman accused of goading her lover into killing her husband, prosecutors plan to drop murder charges against her, sources told CBS Atlanta.

Andrea Sneiderman of Decatur, Ga., was charged in July 2012 with malice murder, criminal attempt to commit murder, racketeering, perjury and insurance fraud in the shooting death of her husband, Russel "Rusty" Sneiderman.

Rusty Sneiderman, 36, was shot to death outside of a preschool in November 2010, minutes after dropping off his and Andrea's son. The gunman was Hemy Neuman, Andrea Sneiderman's supervisor at General Electric. Neuman was convicted of murder in March 2012. A jury ruled that he was mentally ill, but he was nevertheless sentenced to life in prison.

Both prosecutors and defense attorneys for Neuman claimed he was having an affair with Andrea Sneiderman. Prosecutors also alleged that Andrea manipulated Neuman into killing her husband, possibly with the motive to collect his $2 million life insurance policy.

She pleaded not guilty to playing a role in the murder in October. She says she never had an affair with Neuman, though she has admitted the two were close and that Neuman had romantic feelings for her.

Jury selection for Andrea Sneiderman's trial begins Monday, but sources told CBS Atlanta this week that the prosecution plans to drop murder charges against Sneiderman.

The unidentified sources said DeKalb County District Attorney Robert James will still be prosecuting Andrea Sneiderman on other charges, including perjury and making false statements.

The station was unable to confirm the claims with the DA's office, as there is a gag order on the case.



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