07/25/2013 12:18 pm ET

Florida Beaches To Be On Google Maps After 825-Mile Trek

Visit Florida

If you've enjoyed highjinks captured by Google Maps' Street View cameras, just wait until they've photographed the scene on Florida's beaches.

The state's tourism department Visit Florida is sending out pairs of employees strapped with Google's special 15-lens panoramic cameras to walk and photograph 825 miles of shoreline. Images will then be stitched together to create 360-degree views that will be uploaded to Google Maps sometime next year, according to Visit Florida's blog.

“I’ve seen some of the early footage that’s being shot and it’s absolutely breathtaking. I can hardly wait for everyone to see the final images," said Paul Phipps Visit Florida's Chief Marketing Officer.

And neither can we, because what might the cameras find? It's usually sunny with a chance of cocaine from the Keys to St. Augustine. And then there's bales of marijuana popping up everywhere, people trying to ride manatees, giant eyeballs, and sometimes Charlie Crist checking out ladies in thongs.

So get ready for your closeup, Florida beaches: nearby streets are watching.



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