07/25/2013 07:55 pm ET

Joe Edwin Honesty Calls Fake Bomb Threat Into Northern Virginia Courthouse, Is Arrested

Fairfax County Police Department

WASHINGTON -- What's in a name? In this case: irony.

Joe Edwin Honesty was arrested for making a bomb threat at a Northern Virginia courthouse on Wednesday morning.

Police responded to the reported threat at the Fairfax County Courthouse around 7:30 a.m., according to a media release. 72-year-old Honesty -- who was in court for charges of driving with a suspended or revoked license, reports Patch -- was quickly identified as the culprit.

From there it was a short trip to the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center, where Honesty was charged with making a bomb threat -- involving what authorities believe was a nonexistent bomb -- and held without bond.

Another rectitude-related irony from in and around the nation's capital: The beverage company Honest Tea did a 50-state and D.C. survey this summer, to find out which U.S. jurisdictions are the most and least honest.

The company set up unmanned kiosks of bottled tea, and asked people to leave $1 for every bottle they took. And as it turns out, just down the street from where Mr. Honesty called in his fake bomb threat, you'll find the country's least honest people.

On average, Honest Tea found Americans to be 92 percent honest. Alabama and Hawaii were found the most honest states, with 100 percent honesty rates. Washington, D.C. came in last -- only 80 percent of beverage-takers followed the honor system.

Worse than that, Honest Tea CEO Seth Goldman said in the announcement of this year's rankings that he had his bike stolen on the day he was testing the integrity of Washingtonians.

To be fair, Goldman's two-wheeled ride was taken not in the District, but just over the Maryland border in Bethesda, which comes as a surprise since Marylanders were found to be 89 percent honest overall.

And our bomb threatener is an exception in Virginia, as well, which has -- Mr. Honesty aside -- an honesty rate of 95 percent.



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