07/25/2013 03:28 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Nanuk The Polar Bear Really Loves His Traffic Cone Toy (PHOTOS)

We all had our baby blankets when we were little, but a baby ... traffic cone? Apparently, one polar bear has developed quite the affinity for one of the fluorescent orange beacons.

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nanuk the polar bear

nanuk the polar bear

Nanuk the polar bear, an 8-month-old cub, was seen playing with the cone at the Brno Zoo in the Czech Republic this week during a swim. In the adorable shots, he can be seen swimming, tossing and chewing on the toy.

nanuk the polar bear

nanuk the polar bear

Polar bears have been listed as a vulnerable species by the IUCN since 1982 and have become increasingly affected by climate change. Aside from habitat loss, researchers have warned that in the long term, the animals could actually lose their white coats as the planet grows warmer and they hybridize with their brown cousins at more southern latitudes.

Take a look at more photos of Nanuk and his cone below:

Nanuk The Polar Bear