07/25/2013 11:17 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Rubber Duck In Taiwan: Bigger Version Of Giant Balloon Bird Finds Permanent Home (PHOTOS)


A version of Florentijn Hofman's iconic rubber duck has finally found a permanent home.

The giant inflatable bird brought duck fever to the shores of Hong Kong when it swam in the waters of Victoria Harbor earlier this year. Now a slightly larger (5-feet taller, to be exact) replica of the yellow masterpiece will head to the city of Keelung, where a Facebook page has already been set up to welcome the massive balloon creature.

rubber duck
The making of a new duck. (Photo courtesy of Florentijn Hofman/Facebook)

The rest of the world is no doubt jealous of Taiwan's recent acquisition. As ARTINFO wrote, it's like the country "has won the 2013 Rubber Duck sweepstakes." The famous waterfowl has been in 13 cities thus far, but ever since its heavily reported appearance in Hong Kong, the duck has been nothing short of a pop culture sensation.

"Countless duck-themed products have shown up at shops and restaurants. Teenagers are wearing rubber-duck outfits, and tourist kiosks are selling rubber-duck postcards," writes the New York Times' Joyce Lau. And who could forget the viral Tiananmen Square campaign that featured not one, but four images of the Hofman masterpiece?

While the 59-foot version of the duck prepares for its December arrival in Taiwan, where is the standard, 54-foot rubber duck headed? The next stop will be Pittsburgh. Go ahead, every other city, let out your feelings of contempt in the comments.

Rubber Duck