07/25/2013 11:08 am ET Updated Jul 25, 2013

Shailene Woodley Hopes Jennifer Lawrence Doesn't Mind Her Advice Being Shared (VIDEO)

When Jennifer Lawrence speaks, the world listens.

That includes Shailene Woodley, who got Oscar buzz for her role in 2011's "The Descendants" and is currently promoting her indie-romance "The Spectacular Now" with co-star Miles Teller. But what's really setting Woodley up for superstardom is her role in "Divergent," the highly anticipated 2014 film adaptation of a young adult novel.

Ever since Woodley told the press she asked Lawrence for advice about taking on a role in a huge franchise, inquiring minds have wanted every little detail, and Woodley has happily obliged. But when HuffPost Live's Ricky Camilleri asked her about JLaw's words of wisdom, Woodley worried she's been gabbing about the Oscar winner too frequently.

"Oh man, I hope she doesn't get mad that I've been talking about this so much," Woodley said.

The young actresses have never actually met in person, but Woodley is among the many celebrities who adore Lawrence, so she e-mailed the "Hunger Games" star to ask whether taking a role in "Divergent" was worth the mass media attention that would follow it.

"I asked her how 'Hunger Games' sort of affected her life, and the loss of anonymity that sort of came with that," Woodley said. "Being someone who was in 'Winter's Bone' and had this amazing career beforehand, was she happy with it?"

Woodley dishes all about Lawrence's answer in the video above and explains why she was so hesitant to take the role in "Divergent."

Watch the full interview with Shailene Woodley at HuffPost Live HERE.



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