07/25/2013 03:32 pm ET

Artist Tyler Ramsey Living In A Box For 7 Days In Hopes Of Setting World Record (VIDEO)

Most creative types don't like getting boxed into a corner, much less to be stuck in an actual box.

However, Los Angeles-based artist Tyler Ramsey doesn't mind too much, especially since he may set a world record for his efforts.

Ever since July 25, Ramsey has been in a box outside of the TOMS shoe store in Venice Beach, Calif., in an effort to set a Guinness record for the longest Google+ hangout ever.

So far, Ramsey, 39, is expected to stay inside the box until next Monday.

Or not.

"It might be Monday, or I might stay in longer," he told The Huffington Post.

Ramsey, who worked as a producer on shows like "Survivor" before becoming an artist full-time, is spending his time in the box by talking with passers-by, eating, and sleeping.

He is also customizing shoes purchased by customers to the store by painting them with his fingers.

For the most part, Ramsey is enjoying the experience, but admits there are times when he feels, well, boxed in by his situation.

"I'm used to going days without showering, but being surrounded by people is making me feel self-conscious," he said. "Also, I love pacing over a lot of room, so being confined is tough."

There is an even more personal reason why he's having a hard time in this challenge.

"I miss my wife," he said. "I miss being able to say intimate things to her and I miss her physically," Ramsey said. "There was also one moment when a D.J. drove by in a car with a strange helmet and I wanted to run out and interact with him. That's when I really felt confined."

It's tough, but Ramsey said he's willing to stick it out if it helps get his message across to the world.

"I see this as abstract performance art and the message is that the way we will be saved is if everyone embraces the artist within themselves," he said.