What You Should Never Say To Someone Over 50

There are just some things that are best left unsaid, especially when you're talking to someone over 50. A seemingly innocent enough observation -- "Hey, you look tired!" -- can be an unexpected and at times unpleasant reminder of one's age.

We asked our Huff/Post50 Facebook fans what were some things one should never say to someone over 50, and the answers came pouring in.

"I was furious recently when a waitress condescendingly called me 'young lady,'" wrote Cheryl De Primio.

"I just don't give a damn what anyone says to me or about me," wrote Stephanie LaFortune. "That is the beauty of being over 50."

Just in case you run into a post 50 who isn't as laid back as LaFortune, here are 17 things our readers said you shouldn't say to adults over 50.

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1. "You should really learn to act your age."


You're only as young as you feel, so back off!

2. "You look good for your age!"


"Can't they just leave off the 'for your age' part?" asked Huff/Post50 Facebook fan Debbie Gregorio Sottile.

3. "Ma'am."


Actress Marianne Curan wrote about why she doesn't like being called ma'am: "Stop calling me Ma'am! Being called Ma'am is like hearing, 'Hey, aging lady with a coupon for chocolate calcium chews who's buying Fresca and writing a check, how are you today?'"

4. "Isn't that outfit a little young for you?"


Aren't you a little too old to be so impolite?

5. "You look tired."


Sigh. "No, it's more that I'm tired of hearing that."

6. "Your hair is thinning!"


"Oh! I hadn't noticed!"

7. "Is that your grandson/granddaughter?"


It's better to play it safe, and avoid asking this land mine of a question. Huff/Post50 fan Kimberly Minton Freeman has been on the receiving end of this question before. "I'm 52 and my children are 12 and 14," she wrote on our Facebook page. "So the younger parents seem really surprised when they learn that we are as old as their parents. I usually respond by telling them that this is what 52 is supposed to look like!"

8. "Aren't you too old to do that?"


"We can do anything we did when younger if we put our minds to it," wrote Facebook fan Donna Vesel Ryan. Or as Cher would say:

9. "Why are you even applying for this job? You're way over qualified!"


"I know. But I need the job more than I need to hear that."

10. "Wow, you're on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/etc.?" or "Do you even know how to work your computer/phone/iPad/digital device?"

Note to everyone: Turning 50 does not automatically makes you a Luddite.

11. "Wow, are you thinking about getting Botox now?"


Nope. Thanks though!

12. "It's great to see an older woman wearing 'young' clothes."


"As opposed to what? A muumuu?"

13. "Have you had some work done?"


As if that's the only way someone over 50 can look good.

14. Younger co-worker: "You remind me of my mom/dad!"


How? Old?

15. Store clerk: "You should see if you might qualify for senior citizen discount."



16. "Dude."


Just... don't.

17. "You're old."


Short, not so sweet, and oh so unappreciated.



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