07/26/2013 04:19 am ET Updated Jul 26, 2013

'Burn Notice': Torture Opens Michael's Eyes To A Startling Realization About His Father (VIDEO)

Michael's loyalty was tested on the latest episode of "Burn Notice," leading to a big reveal. He was tortured and interrogated by James, the head of the organization he's been "working" for all season. During the torture, he had bizarre hallucinations of his late, abusive father. Or perhaps they were memories?

After making it through the torture, James welcomed Michael "into the family." And family was definitely on Michael's mind. Later, he revealed a startling realization he'd had during the torture to Maddy. "I saw Dad," he told her.

“I can imagine how hard that must have been," Maddy said.

“Seeing him wasn’t the hard part," Michael said. "It was realizing he was the only reason I survived.”

“All those years of putting up with his father's violence had taught Michael how to hold back information," wrote SheKnows' Michelle Carlbert of the pivotal scene. "At that point it was hard to decide which was the worse torture for Michael — the drugs and the other stuff, or realizing that his awful father actually helped him.”

Jim Garner of TV Fanatic loved the scene, too. In fact, he loved the entire episode. So much that he declared it "one of the best episodes of 'Burn Notice' ever filmed."

The final season of "Burn Notice" continues on Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on USA.

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