07/26/2013 08:27 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Hope Push Up Bra Ad Puts World Leaders On Woman's Breasts (PHOTOS, POLL)

Leave it to a lingerie company to give a whole new meaning to the phrase "bosom buddies."

Brazilian brand Hope has decided to bring the most unlikely political characters together cheek to cheek in a new ad campaign for its Super Push Up bra. In one, George Bush and Hugo Chavez's likenesses appear on a woman's right and left breasts, respectively. President Ronald Reagan and Fidel Castro occupy another set in a different shot, while Margaret Thatcher and Che Guevara bump heads in a third ad.

The slogan? "Right and Left Together." Looks like Hope has some higher message in its cheeky campaign, as it has forced the most diametrically opposing political figures together (via a woman's cleavage, but no matter). Ad Rants points out that it's not unlike Bennetton's controversial UnHate campaign. With Edward Snowden inspiring playful lingerie ads and Agent Provocateur using a Kate Moss campaign to make a comment on marriage and the Vatican, we're starting to think that bra companies are going to have to stay tuned to politics if they want to keep people talking.

You got that, Victoria's Secret? Check out the Hope ads below and tell us what you think!





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