07/26/2013 11:17 am ET

Message In A Bottle Discovery Gives Irish Family Trip Of A Lifetime

Aoife Millea

When ten-year-old Oisín Millea found a bottle in Passage East, Co. Waterford with a message written in French last year, he could never have dreamt what would come next. Like a scene out of a movie, this find would win him the trip of a lifetime for his family to Quebec. (*SEE VIDEO BELOW*)

His "treasure," as he calls it, contained a note from two Quebec girls, Charlaine and Claudia, who had, eight years earlier, released the bottled into the waters of Quebec's St. Lawrence River in the hope that it would eventually be discovered by a stranger, according to the Irish Independent.

Oisín eventually found the girls, now in their 20s, and met over Skype last October. In order to celebrate the boy's amazing discovery, Tourisme Québec minister Pascal Bérubé provided Oisín's family with a 12 day trip to Quebec, which began July 11 and concluded July 23. Tourisme Québec has also invited Charlaine and Claudia to visit Ireland this summer.

According to Tourisme Québec's press release, the family's travel plans included "the island city of Montréal, 400 year old walled Québec City, a visit to the Irish Memorial park on Grosse Ile, sleeping in a yurt, and whale watching in the St Lawrence at Saguenay Fjord."

Fans of Oisín were able to follow his travels from his personal Twitter account, @Oisin_in_Quebec and from Tourisme Québec's Twitter account, @TourismQuebec with the hashtag #messageinabottle.

Charlaine and Claudia met Oisín at the airport in Quebec upon his arrival!

Here are some of Oisín's tweets throughout his trip:

And when his trip finally came to an end, he was not a happy camper.


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