07/26/2013 11:20 am ET Updated Jul 26, 2013

Tarell Brown Fires Agent Brian Overstreet After $2 Million Salary Loss In Apparent Contract Blunder

Perhaps somebody forgot to read the fine print.

San Francisco 49ers cornerback Tarell Brown learned via Twitter Thursday that he lost $2 million of his $2.925 million 2013 salary because he failed to attend offseason workouts, Yahoo! reported. It was a stipulation in his contract that apparently went overlooked.

He blamed the oversight on his agent, Brian Overstreet, and fired him. Brown told The Associated Press that he paid Overstreet to inform him of important contract clauses. "He didn't do that, so in my opinion, you have to be let go. We all are held accountable for our actions," said Brown.

The Huffington Post left a message seeking comment from Overstreet at his Houston office Friday morning.

According to several reports, Brown hoped to talk with head coach Jim Harbaugh and work out a compromise of some sort with the team.

Brown told the San Jose Mercury News after practice Thursday that he opted out of the 49ers' nine-week program to train with former Olympic sprinter Jon Drummond in Dallas. He emphasized the decision had nothing to do with wanting to avoid workouts or any kind of contract beef.

Brown, 28, had 50 tackles and 2 interceptions last season. He also forced a key fumble and recovered it during the 49ers' failed comeback surge against the Baltimore Ravens in the Super Bowl.

(h/t Deadspin)