07/26/2013 04:48 am ET

'Wedding Island': Secret Helicopter Arrival Has Groom Thinking His Bride Has Run Away (VIDEO)

Mary had a big challenge for her wedding planner, Sandy Malone, on "Wedding Island." She wanted to surprise her husband-to-be and all of her guests by arriving via helicopter to their wedding rather than walking down the aisle. Unfortunately, she left them scratching their heads when the chopper was 30 minutes late.

“I’m wondering where my bride is. Haven't seen her," said fiance Brad. "Just wondering -- maybe she’s getting cold feet.”

The poor guy was getting worried that his beautiful bride was instead a runaway bride. Luckily, before panic could set in, she made her dramatic arrival. The guests were flabbergasted, but Mary was loving every minute of it.

“Looking at Brad, I can tell he’s totally shocked," she said from the helicopter.

Ariane Fisher caught up with Sandy Malone for The Huffington Post to talk about all these crazy weddings. While Malone agreed that it all seems very dramatic, she assures us that it's all real. It certainly impressed Monsters & Critic's April Neale, who wrote that it seems like Malone can pull off the impossible. In this case, she was able to whisk Mary away to a helicopter without Brad or any of the guests knowing she was gone.

Watch Sandy Malone work her magic every week on "Wedding Island," Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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