07/27/2013 12:05 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Bill Maher Talks Republican Racism: 'They Don't Hear What Obama Says... They Know He's Thinking 'Kill Whitey' (VIDEO)

In a discussion that ranged from Steve King's laughable "cantaloupe" comment, to conservative reactions to Obama's speech following the Trayvon Martin verdict, to what Dr. King called "the most segregated hour", Bill Maher's "Real Time" panel on Friday seemed to agree that racism remains one the country's deepest problems.

Of course, Maher had his own sardonic way of putting a point on the matter. Comparing similar statements from both Obama and Bill O'Reilly about the crime rate among young African-American men, Maher blasted O'Reilly and the GOP for not listening to what Obama actually says. "They're saying the same thing. As if they don't hear what Obama says because they know what he's thinking. They know he's thinking 'kill whitey.'"

The segment was highlighted by thoughtful points on racism in the church from Rev. Jim Wallis and the challenges faced by immigrants in this country from author Reza Aslan.

But perhaps most important of all, Maher wrapped the segment by admitting he sold pot in college. So there's that.

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